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How Content Writing Can Attract More Sales for Your Business

November 11, 2022

Content writing is one of the most in-demand skills—the marketing and content writing industry projects to grow from $195.58 billion in 2016 to $412.88 billion in 2023. This growth translates to a 13.26% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) year on year. 

Well-written content educates customers and clients before spending money on a company’s products or services. 

This article will define content writing, the different types of content, the typical user experience, and how content writing can help your business win more customers. 

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is the process of conveying subtle marketing messages to a specific target audience through written content. 

While outbound marketing messages are pushy and annoying, inbounding marketing aims to provide relevant content to boost your brand’s credibility and increase transactions. 

Content writers must also create content for a specific target audience. For instance, if your brand wants to sell pet supplies, you must target pet owners, not iPhone users. 

5 Types of Content

Depending on the buyer’s persona and journey, marketers may request a specific type of content. Content writing agencies may create blogs, articles, web content, press releases, and SEO content. 

The User Experience and How Content Writing Can Help Your Brand

Most of our online experiences begin with using search engines like Bing or Google. 

Let’s assume you sell plants, soil, and other nursery materials. This section will describe the typical online user experience and how content writing can help you win more customers. 

1. Encoding Question in Search Engine

Visitors may encounter a problem and fire up a Google search to find the best answer to their questions. 

Assuming they want to know the best soil for growing garden shrubs, they’ll encode “What is the best soil for growing garden shrubs?” on the search bar.

2. Discovering Brands on the Search Results

Google will show them a list of relevant pages for their search. It uses its proprietary algorithm to crawl through billions of web pages and decide whether a page is relevant to your search.

Searchers usually find the answer to their question on the first page of the search results page, and only a few click on a link on the second page.

Sites falling on the following pages can harm your brand’s reputation and urge business owners and marketers to optimize their content to land on the first page. 

A blog relevant to the user’s question can bring it to the SERPs’ first page. 

3. Site Visit

The SERP will present different links with meta titles and descriptions. Helpful meta tags indicate that this link is worth their time and can answer the searcher’s question. 

The searcher will select the link on the search results page, direct them to your site, and become a visitor. This redirect will give you site traffic.

4. Consuming Your Content

Users will read your blog and get authentic, relevant, and digestible information to their questions. At the end of the content, the writer will invite the searcher to spend more time browsing relevant web pages. 

The more time the site visitor spends, the more they’ll think you’re a credible brand in your specific niche.

5. Consistent Engagement through Content Writing

Lastly, content writing converts a search user into your brand’s customer. The more you publish informative blogs on suitable subjects, the more the reader will return to your site and boost engagement. And higher concentration will most likely lead to a successful sale. 

So, when the visitor is ready to buy your product or try your service, they’ll do it from your brand instead of your competitor’s site. 

Rewriting a Successful Brand

Attracting customers from the search bar to your website can be tricky. Excellent and digestible content writing can boost brand credibility and maintain consistent engagement. 

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