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9 Common E-commerce Website Errors You Should Avoid

October 28, 2022

E-commerce is booming, with businesses of all sizes turning to the internet to sell their products and services. However, as with any new venture, a few common mistakes can be made when setting up an e-commerce website.

Here are nine common e-commerce website errors that you should avoid for your custom web design:

1. Not Having a Clear Focus

When setting up your e-commerce website, it’s essential to have a clear focus. What are you selling? Who is your target market? What sets your products or services apart from your competitors?

If you’re unclear on these points, creating a custom web design that effectively sells your products or services will be difficult.

2. Not Making the Buying Process Easy

The easier you make it for customers to buy from your website, the more likely they will do so. Make sure your website is simple to navigate, and the buying process is as streamlined as possible. Include clear calls to action, and make sure the checkout process is secure and straightforward.

3. Not Optimizing for Mobile

One standard error is not optimizing for mobile. With more and more individuals using their smartphones and tablets to shop online, making sure your e-commerce website is mobile-friendly is essential. This means having a responsive design that scales to fit any screen size and ensuring that your content and navigation are easy to use on a smaller screen.

4. Poor Search Functionality

Your e-commerce website should have a search function that allows customers to quickly and easily find the products they’re looking for. If your search function is poor, it can frustrate customers and cause them to leave your site without making a purchase. Make sure your search function is robust and easy to use.

5. Slow Loading Times

Slow loading times can be a significant issue for e-commerce websites. Customers are often impatient and will not wait for a slow website to load. Ensure your website is optimized for speed and that all images, videos, and other content are compressed to reduce loading times.

6. Not Providing Enough Payment Options

Another mistake businesses make is not offering enough payment options. Customers like to have options when making purchases, and if you only provide one or two payment methods, you could lose out on business. Make sure you offer various payment options, such as credit cards, PayPal, and others.

7. Broken Links

Broken links are a common problem on e-commerce websites. They can occur for several reasons, including changes to the website’s structure, moving or renamed products, and third-party services that are no longer available.

If customers encounter broken links on your website, it will damage their confidence in your brand and make them less likely to make a purchase.

8. Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service can be a significant issue for e-commerce websites. If customers cannot get help when needed, they will likely take their business elsewhere. Make sure to have continuous and reliable customer service for your clients online.

9. Lack of Security Measures

Another common error is not having strong security measures in place. Customers making purchases on your website need to know that their personal and financial information is safe. If your website is not secure, you will likely lose customers and damage your reputation. Ensure your website is SSL encrypted and that you have a secure payment gateway.


E-commerce website owners should avoid making common errors that can discourage potential customers from returning to their site. By ensuring that their custom web design is user-friendly, up-to-date, and visually appealing, e-commerce website owners can encourage customers to return to their site and make purchases.

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