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9 Questions You Must Ask When Working with a Web Developer

May 17, 2023

Web development is creating a website, from designing the layout to coding the backend. It is a crucial aspect of building an online presence for a business or individual. Proper web development creates a good website that is visually appealing, user-friendly, and functional. A good website is essential for attracting and retaining customers, improving conversion rates, and establishing credibility.

Web developers are the best people for website creation. They are skilled professionals with the technical expertise and experience to build a website from scratch. They can create responsive websites optimized for search engines with all the necessary features to meet the business’s or individual’s needs. Working with a web developer ensures the website is built to the highest standards and meets the business’s or individual’s needs.

When working with a web developer, asking the right questions ensures you get the best results. Here are some examples:

#1 – Do You Have a Portfolio of Your Work?

Before hiring a web developer, seeing examples of their work is essential. A portfolio of their work will give you an idea of their skills and expertise. You can see the type of websites they have built, the features they have included, and the quality of their work. A portfolio will also give you an idea of their style and whether it matches your vision for your website.

#2 – How Will the Work Be Done?

Understanding the web developer’s process for building the website is important. Will they use a content management system (CMS) like WordPress or build the website from scratch? Will they work with templates or create a custom design? Understanding the process will give you an idea of what to expect and how involved you must be.

#3 – Do You Offer Other Services?

Some web developers offer other services, such as website hosting, domain registration, and ongoing maintenance and support. It is important to know if the web developer offers any of these services and the cost. Having all the services in one place can make the process more streamlined and cost-effective.

#4 – Will You Use a Template?

A template can be a cost-effective and time-efficient way to build a website. However, it is important to understand the limitations of using a template. Templates can limit the flexibility of the design and may not include all the features you need. If the web developer plans to use a template, make sure you understand the limitations and whether it is the best option for your website.

#5 – Who Will Write the Content?

Content is a critical component of any website. It is important to know who will be responsible for writing the content. If the web developer is responsible for the content, ensure they have experience writing for the web and can create engaging and optimized content for search engines.

#6 – Will the Website Be Responsive?

A responsive website adapts to the screen size of the device it is being viewed on. With more people accessing the internet on mobile devices, having a responsive website is essential. Make sure the web developer plans to create a responsive website and the process for testing it on different devices.

#7 – Can Changes Be Made to the Design?

Knowing whether changes can be made to the design once the website is built is essential. Will the web developer provide a certain number of revisions, or will changes require additional fees? Knowing the process for making changes to the design can save time and money in the long run.

#8 – How Much Will the Job Cost?

Web development is a significant investment; you must know the project’s total cost upfront. This includes the development costs and ongoing hosting, maintenance, and updates fees. Requesting a detailed project estimate and discussing potential additional costs upfront can help prevent surprises and ensure the project stays within your budget.

#9 – Is Continuous Support and Maintenance Included?

Building a website is not a one-time process. It requires ongoing support and maintenance to ensure it is functioning correctly and up to date. Make sure the web developer provides ongoing support and maintenance and what the cost will be. Knowing you have ongoing support can give you peace of mind and keep your website current.


Working with a web developer is essential for building a website that meets your needs and provides a good user experience. After all, the competition is tight in any industry, and having an aesthetically pleasing yet functional website makes your business stand out. This way, you can attract more customers and increase your revenue while providing a seamless customer experience.

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