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SEO 101: 6 Social Media Pointers You Need

December 1, 2022

It should go without saying that social media has the ability to improve your SEO rankings. Nowadays, boosting your rankings is all about sharing your content.

However, SEO is not just a mere skill. There are strategies for content marketing that are required. Read on to discover them today.

Use the ‘Live’ Feature

Real-time, entertaining videos are ideal for brand promotion. Live videos are preferred by 82% of purchasers over social updates.

Interaction is enhanced through real-time live streaming because it can help your customers engage with you as you respond to their questions. In effect, you can also increase customer retention, interest, and cross-platform sharing.

Measure with the Right Tools

Tracking brand awareness enhances SEO by helping you analyze how well your target audience understands your brand and fine-tune areas you need to improve on. For example, this will allow you to precisely target your audience and offer the appropriate message, resulting in increased website traffic. 

Brand awareness also measures fans’ desires. This tells who you should target and how you can connect with your audience. This has an impact on both inbound and outbound marketing since you can deliver relevant information and target the right people.

Followers, engagement, and reach on social media may all be tracked. The amount of individuals who visit your content is indicated by reach, whereas engagement demonstrates how they interact with your business.

Tracking info, gathering data, and knowing your brand’s SEO ranking can help you redirect and refocus your marketing efforts whenever necessary, and, eventually, raise your company’s visibility.

Enhance Your Social Media Pages

70% of small business owners use social media and target their audience better using social media platforms. As such, enhance your social media pages to attract the right people and rank higher. 

Post Optimized Images

Social media photos go beyond resolution, size, and interaction. Images boost SEO but are frequently overlooked. As such, examine how you create and use images for SEO purposes.

This also helps the algorithm on your website. When producing social media photos, use your own file names, provide Alt tags, and upload unique or original images. 

Make Your Content Target-Driven

Social media businesses thrive with client-focused content marketing. As such, you must create material that your readers will appreciate. Use the format that your audience prefers, produce what they want, and watch your engagement increase. Often, this means less advertising and more substance.

Bridge the Gap between Website to Social Media

Social media integration boosts e-commerce traffic. For this, include your website’s URL on your social media profiles. This will undoubtedly help to promote your website.

Make sure to make shopping, blogging, and testimonials links available on the e-commerce website. To attract readers, you may also share examples of blog content on social media.

3 Things Social Media Can Do for Your Brand

1. Overall Brand Progress

Social media can aid in the dissemination of blog entries, which can lead to shares, boosted engagement, brand exposure, and website traffic.

Excellent client-focused content will increase consumer engagement while decreasing bounce rates. This alerts Google that you are assisting users, establishing your credibility.

2. Increased Engagement

Meaningful content boosts social media engagement because of users’ participation. This boosts your online reputation, and search engine rankings, as well as increases the visibility of the page.

3. Better Connections

Beneficial content attracts customers and establishes your authority. Businesses may link to your content because it addresses issues. These links build better connections and broaden your horizons.


Simply put, your SEO can benefit from social media efforts. Social media can help boost web traffic, brand awareness, and content engagement. As you promote informative social media posts to boost your SEO rankings, you can also try live streaming, brand awareness tools, better blog writing, and professional images.

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