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Website Homepage Basics: What Should Not Be On It?

November 4, 2022

Your website’s homepage is like your shop window. It needs to give visitors an instant impression of what you do, and more importantly, it needs to make them want to find out more. It should be well-designed and uncluttered, easy to navigate, and above all else – it should be engaging. 

We have a pretty good idea of the things that should be on a good website, right? You probably already know that your unique selling position, a brief introduction to your products, and your company’s contact information should be on your website. But what should not be there? 

Here is a quick list to help put things into perspective.

1 – Too Much Information

The worst thing you can do on your homepage is to throw too much information at visitors. It will confuse them and make them leave your website. Keep it simple, clear, and concise. Being direct-to-the-point will be useful for your potential customers as it will help them find what they need quickly and with minimal effort.

2 – Outdated Information

Your website is your shop window and it needs to be up to date. Nothing will put visitors off more than outdated information. You will miss out on customers if you don’t stay on top of things and make sure all the information you put on your website is current. To ensure your content is updated, do a regular audit of your site to see if there is content that needs to be changed, revised, or deleted.

3 – Broken Links

Have you ever been on a website, eager to learn more about the products, and clicked on a broken link? We all know how disappointing that can be. Broken links are a surefire way to lose visitors. Check all the links on your homepage regularly to make sure they are working.

4 – Pop-Ups

Pop-ups are a surefire way to annoy visitors. They will leave your website if they are bombarded with pop-ups. Even just one pop-up can be enough for a potential customer to click the exit button and never look back. Making sure that your website is free from pop-ups will help more potential customers stay on your site and find what they need.

5 – Not Mobile Friendly

As mobile devices become increasingly popular, it is essential that your website is mobile-friendly. More and more people are using their phones and tablets to access the internet, and if your site is not designed for mobile devices, you could be losing out on a lot of potential traffic.


There are a lot of essential features that your homepage should have, but there are also a number of things that shouldn’t be in there. Now that you know what to avoid, you can have a better and more functional website. Whether you need to revamp your website or build a new one, keep these things in mind.

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