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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Not Follow Design Trends

April 19, 2023

Design trends have been around for many years and influence how businesses design their websites, logos, and other marketing materials. However, blindly following design trends can harm businesses in the long run for many reasons.

They are often short-lived. What is trendy today may not be tomorrow, and businesses that invest heavily in modern design may find themselves outdated and unappealing to their target audience in months. But why should companies avoid following them?

1. Design Trends Can Be Short-Lived

Design trends come and go, and what is popular today may be outdated tomorrow. If a business invests time and money into following a design trend, they risk having to redo its designs when the trend fades, leading to wasted resources and a lack of consistency in branding.

For example, in the early 2000s, websites were famous for flashy, animated graphics with many bright colors. However, as technology evolved and users’ preferences changed, this style fell out of favor. Websites that still use this design style today can appear outdated and unprofessional.

2. Design Trends Can Be Overused

When a design trend becomes widespread, it can quickly become overused, leading to a need for more originality and differentiation among businesses. For example, when flat design became popular several years ago, every website and logo seemed to have the same style.

As a result, it made it difficult for businesses to stand out and create a unique identity. Therefore, instead of following a style everyone in the industry does, companies should establish their identity and stick with it for the years to come, as long as it is relevant.

3. Design Trends Can Be Inappropriate

Not all design trends are appropriate for all businesses. Some trends may not align with a business’s values or target audience. Meanwhile, some design trends may match a company’s intended personality or tone delivered to the target audiences.

For example, if a business that specializes in healthcare uses a design trend that is flashy and attention-grabbing, it may come across as insensitive or unprofessional. When choosing a design style, businesses must consider their brand values and target audience.

4. Design Trends Can Be Expensive

Following design trends can be expensive, especially if a business needs to redo its designs frequently. Additionally, if a company hires a designer to create a trendy design, they may pay a premium for the designer’s expertise in that style.

Therefore, it can save resources if the design quickly becomes outdated or overused. Instead, businesses should stick to classic designs for their branding materials to avoid falling prey to expensive rebranding jobs most companies take every few years.

5. Design Trends Can Be Inefficient

Designing with trends in mind can be inefficient. Trends often require more time and effort to incorporate into a design, leading to delays and increased costs. Additionally, following trends can distract from a design’s core messaging and goals. A strategy focused on following a trend may not effectively communicate the information or message that a business wants to convey.


While design trends can be tempting to follow, businesses should consider the potential risks and drawbacks before doing so. Design trends can be short-lived, overused, inappropriate, expensive, and inefficient. Instead of blindly following trends, businesses should create designs that accurately represent their brand values, target audience, and messaging. By doing so, they can create a unique and compelling identity for their business that will stand the test of time.

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